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Thursday, April 29, 2021

One More Day to May 1st:
Brief Power Outage; Electric Back in under a minute; phone, two minutes

For those of us affected by occasional and brief power failures, it goes without saying that the NYSEG notification system will not be reporting this as a power failure, so we just go about our business re-setting all of our electronic equipment that can manually be re-set (cable and phone modems are automatic and must run through their natural cycles).

In addition, we have no way of knowing how widespread the power failures are. For example, do they extend up and down the entire east shore or just in certain tracks? What about the west shore? Feel free to let us know if you were (and usually are) affected by these brief power failures and mention your track name. How about Walker and Euclid. It would be interesting to know if certain transformers play any role in this. If this minor irritation is what we must endure in order to enjoy the Lake and its surroundings, it is well worth it.

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