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Monday, April 19, 2021

Update: Chauvin Found Guilty on All Charges:
'See, I am doing a new thing! ... says the Lord ... Do you not perceive it?' (Isaiah 43:19)

The headline above is new, but the following was written while the Jury was sequestered and considering all the evidence:

For the Judicial Branch of our government, the murder trial of Derek Chauvin is a simple case of a fired ex-officer in Minneapolis, MN, being tried for the death of George Perry Floyd who was under the arrest and care of ex-officer Chauvin when the death, now charged as a murder, took place. Did this one man use excessive force against Floyd, a black man, or was the then-officer Chauvin justified?

      Complicating this case is the fact that so many seem to view it as a case against the conduct of either all police, or at least all bad police, or even all persons who have been granted authority over the rest of us. This has become a very high profile case for several reasons:
(1) The entire event is on various pieces of police, public, and private video tape with one significantly long stretch of tape recorded by a 17-year-old;
(2) This case has wracked up a high amount of video evidence containing the death of Mr. Floyd and it is being said that if a bad cop can't be convicted with this amount of evidence, then there is no policeman or policewoman who will ever be convicted;
(3) Statistics indicate that many more black and brown men have had their lives taken by police than do white men;
(4) Authorities are investigating evidence that several white supremacist groups and private militia groups have infiltrated police departments across the nation and are bent on eliminating black men as much as is reasonably possible.

In light of these factors and the many citizens who have taken to our streets, this vital issue is being seen as a test case--a heavily significant test case--which, some believe, will be able to answer the question as to whether or not this type of killing will be our continued future or if the case will bring out the shock and horror of the average citizen and thereby bring an end to this illegal conduct, and end to those who violate their police oaths, and the beginning of the constructing of more just laws regarding the total and just relationships between the police and the public--particularly the black public.

It's so profoundly complicated, I have chosen prayer for the present time until I can understand it much better. At present, it appears the authorities must learn to identify persons not suited for the roles and power of being a policeman or policewoman, and possibly getting the dangerous ones weeded out. Before this event, Derek Chauvin had 17 citizen complaints against him in his 20 year career--none of which the Jury was allowed to hear. The Jury Verdict may have to speed up everyone's ability to formulate an opinion on the subject of persons who allegedly or potentially should have never been hired in the first place as policemen and policewomen.

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