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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Some Areas Record 50 Inches:
Colorado, Wyoming Wonderland

A man attempts to walk through deep snow in Casper, Wyoming, on Sunday, March 14, 2021.  (Facebook / Brittaney Bales)

The heavy, late-winter snow wasn't despised by all. Despite the calendar suggesting that the spring equinox is less than one week away, the heavy snow gave some residents a chance to enjoy one more snowball fight, driveway shoveling and time spent in the wintry outdoors.


"I’m originally from the East Coast, so this heavy type of snow is more of my kind of snow than I’m used to here, but I think its really great and I'm so happy to be in Boulder where there’s so much to do on a snowy day,” 

Colorado resident Maura Roche told AccuWeather National Reporter Kim Leoffler. “I think this is just the perfect amount to have fun and get some great recreation and enjoy the last throes of winter without being stuck inside.”

Silver Lake WNY, on the other hand, has very little evidence of snow remaining, except in a few plowed up snow piles.

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