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Saturday, March 27, 2021

SLDN's SLI Resident Pages:
More Information about the Invitation You may have received this Weekend

You may already be a reader of our totally independent online publication known as SilverLakeDailyNewsletter.com. The SLDN covers news and events from all tracts around Silver Lake and can be accessed 24/7 without passwords or restrictions. Our sincere appreciation for those who call in or email events or happenings from their Lake communities including weather phenomena.

This weekend we are re-initiating the second section of the SLDN which is strictly dedicated to news and important information specific to residents, and only residents, of the Silver Lake Institute because of their unique status as a self-governing community much like that of a village within a town. 

In order to maintain this special section for SLI residents, the SLDN has sent out "invitations" to subscribe to these SLI-dedicated residential pages produced by SLDN. The invitation uses the phrase "become an author" which means, for our purposes, "a subscriber" because it functions in the same way with additional benefits. When you receive the invitation, just return it electronically (it comes in your email) and shortly after that, your subscription will allow you to enter the SLDN's Residential Pages located at: https://sli-resident.blogspot.com. (There is also a link in the upper right hand section of the main SLDN that will take you automatically to the SLDN's Residential Pages for SLI residents.)

The SLDN Residential Pages will block the entry of anyone not subscribed to the Residential Pages. If you want this full, free news coverage and you are an SLI resident, but did not receive an invitation, simply email us and request "an invitation to the Residential Pages." (Include your name and SLI address in your request.) Questions? (585) 493-4003. Email either SLDN@mail.com /or/ greg.franklin.perry.ny@gmail.com.

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