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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Pfizer 1: 3/9; Pfizer 2: 3/30:
'In two weeks I will be, finally, ready for the Silver Lake Summer of 2021'

For what seemed to be an endless winter, I thought the Covid-19 vaccine would never make it to Wyoming County. It was, of course, a reasonable fear, first, because our population is the smallest of ten WNY counties; second, because although one could sign up for an appointment in a few places, there was very little vaccine actually making it into the county at least through February; third, our large number of cows simply do not need the vaccine--thereby keeping us on the bottom of the list.

Erie:....918,702........Chautauqua:.126,903........(Wyoming Cows:..47,500
Monroe:..741,770........Cattaraugus:.76,117........incl for info purposes)

Today, after receiving my second Covid-19 Pfizer inoculation, I found a strong sense of relief. Between double-masking, the use of some social distancing, I realized I no longer had to be overly concerned about my time with friends and neighbors at the Institute and Retreat Center. Neither do I intend to take a bundle of unnecessary chances. 

I want to be safe and I want others to know the precautions I have taken and will be taking. I do not want to repeat 2020. I hope guests that come to visit us both personally and as part of the schedule of concerts and other events will be equally kind and considerate. Life is too short to unnecessarily shorten it more.

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