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Thursday, March 4, 2021

News Briefs

HOSPITALIZATIONS FROM COVID-19 in New York is at it’s lowest since December -- The New York State Health Dept. announced on Friday that COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York State dropped to 5,626, the lowest since December 12, 2020. According to the governor’s office, the single-day positivity rate dropped to 2.82%, the lowest since November 21, and the 7-day average positivity rate dropped to 3.22 percent, the lowest since November 26.

THE 24-HOUR CARE & CRISIS HELPLINE resumed service on Tuesday night after being temporarily unavailable. The helpline specialize in providing emergency and crisis services to residents of Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties. The Care & Crisis Helpline is available at (585) 283-5200. In the case of a mental health crisis or if individuals are in need of additional information on their counties available mental health resources, contact (585) 283-5200 or 911. The helpline was out of service for about three hours on Tuesday, becoming non-operational around 6:30 p.m. The service resumed about 9:30 p.m.

DID YOU KNOW THAT -- The Attica News was formed by the union of: Country Post, Attica News (1872) and Wyoming County Times? It is and was a weekly paper published by Sanders Publishing. The description is based on: Vol. 105, no. 11 (Feb. 28, 1978). Its Library of Congress Control Number is: sn89071266. Notice that their formation year is the same year the Trustees purchased the first SLI acreage at Silver Lake. It was also the same year that the Pioneer Cabin Historical Society was formed.

DID YOU KNOW THAT -- After spending at least 22 years at the Bergen, NY location, beginning sometime in the 1840s, the early camp felt the need to be incorporated (1857) during the last 15 years at Bergen? The year of the Silver Lake purchase was during the off season of 1871-72 and that summer was spent both clearing some of the forested land and farmed land into useable paths and non-muddy areas first by drainage ditches and within ten years, rain water drainage pipes were installed diverting water around tent, cottage, and boardwalk areas. Bergen campers, mostly Methodist Episcopal, had a broad range of opinions. Their time together was just long enough for the controversies of the day to cause dissention among them, resulting in the wisdom of a separation and a move. Back then they argued about slavery and abolition, but the most troublesome of arguments were about the practice of religion and whether it should be staid and proper (formal and somewhat predictable) vs. spontaneously charismatic. The first group decided on Silver Lake and won a court case in Warsaw which decided that the incorporated charter and assets were to remain with the Silver Lake group which had maintained its official relationship with the M.E. church.

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