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Monday, March 29, 2021

More Important for Minority Justice:
Chauvin Trial will Rival the Public's Attention Just as the O.J. Case
did in Previous Generation

We would be remiss to ignore such a significant reality in the lives of those of us alive in 2021 in the United States of America. We found this also to be true in the way that the Coronavirus has affected our individual lives and the life of our community. Many different holy writs call us to daily and unfailing commitments to justice, fairness, and non-judgmentalism which is also true of Christianity, the primary aspect in the founding of the original Silver Lake Institute which was also prominent throughout our various Lake communities. 

This, today, will most likely be the extent to which the editorial staff will be speaking about this soon-to-be famous trial and its related issues until the trial's conclusion. If you are dynamically interested in the subject, you will have to observe the trial on television, newspapers, or other electronic media. While this trial has a direct relationship with both the SLI's original charter of 1857 and our re-stated charter of 2016, we nevertheless, acknowledge the mission of this Newsletter is local and we now turn our attention back to our self-described mission which, at most, extends to Western New York and New York State as these areas affect Wyoming County and the Silver Lake Basin.

From the Silver Lake weather station at the Silver Lake Marine. Temperatures are valid for Perry and Castile according to this weather station. 38.9°at 3:43 pm Monday, 3/29.

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