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Thursday, March 11, 2021

59°at 5:15 pm, with a High of 65° (A/C temp: 68°with a high of 70°)

If you enjoy reading slightly higher temperatures because it makes you feel warmer, then AccuWeather is the weather system for you. Although AccuWeather does not reveal where or how they get their information, there does not seem to be any evidence of an AccuWeather weather station at Silver Lake, NY. The same could be said of other mainline weather companies.

Each, however, may have a volunteer system of residential reporters around Silver Lake as do at least a few of the television and radio stations who make use of their willing viewers and listeners. We are grateful for volunteers for the service they provide and would just love to know what area of the Lake is always so consistently warmer than many of the others.

SLDN has done the same when volunteers are willing, or better yet, eager to provide information. You may recall the times when we posted temperatures for the north, south, and mid-lake areas and will do again if volunteers contact us. In the meantime we believe that the most accurate temperature for Silver Lake is one taken at the location of the Lake and that is the Earth Networks weather station located at the Silver Lake Marine. Thanks, S/L Marine, you are unique among many at Silver Lake.

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