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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Vaccine Clinic at Highway Department:
Efficiency, Accommodation, Friendliness were Highlights of Today's Wyoming County Clinic

Approaching the Wyoming County Highway Department on Rt. 19 at Rock Glenn, one observed rows of bumper-to-bumper cars and a line of moving cars, leaving the impression that we were in for a long time of waiting during a possible over-booking. It wasn't until later, after we left the building, that we were able to interpret that most of the cars in rows were parked and must have belonged to the service persons in the clinic because there were a significant and helpful number of them.

In reality, there was only one, reasonably short line of cars being directed by a yellow safety vested guide explaining where and how to park while inside the building. He also was directing those of us with physical needs to park over alongside the building which was closer to the entrance. Before we encountered the guide, white arrows on a blue background guided us from the street, around the back of the building, and returning to the front, prepared for parking and an eventual exit.

The line inside was relatively short especially when compared to the line that formed at the Genesee County GCC clinic last week. For those of us in line with wheelchairs and with walkers, the friendly and accommodating service persons came up to us in line to determine our level of comfort and ability for the wait. As a person in pain, I found this particularly helpful and I knew right away that this was a good place to be. Those ahead of us in line did not have to wait long either and seemed to remain in good spirits.

Everyone was guided by these wonderful service persons as to where to go and what to expect. They needed to see my driver's license and they needed my insurance card to take care of a required fee. I brought my paid tax bill and a utility bill for proof of residency. Most persons were taken to a private area for the final registration and the inoculation, but those of us struggling or unable to walk, were accommodated right where they had seated us without the trauma of further movement. 

Following the inoculation we (me and my driver) waited for fifteen minutes to see if I had any reaction to the vaccine which I did not. We were done in well under 45 minutes. Three weeks from today I will return for the second dose and I can tell now it will be even easier knowing what to expect.

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