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Thursday, March 25, 2021


Hopefully by the Weekend:
Return of Separate News Page for SLI Residents will Link with SLDN 

NOTE -- In order for you to receive a totally free subscription to the private pages established for residents of the Silver Lake Institute, you will be receiving an invitation from the SLDN publisher, Greg Franklin. If you do not receive this invitation over this weekend, email your "Request for an Invitation" with your name and SLI address to SLDN@mail.com. When your subscription becomes effective (no later than Monday), you will be able to click the blue link near the top of page 1 (SLDN's first screen) and be automatically taken to the private pages which contains news exclusive to residents and property owners of SLI residents. 

The business of the Silver Lake Institute traditionally takes place between the first Saturday in April and the first Saturday in October. This is the time period when "summer residents" begin to spend time at Silver Lake after a "winter hiatus" in their own home towns. So we are reintroducing our resident news page and the means to establish a no-charge subscription.

Any business that does come up between November and March is handled by the Executive Committee. Residents used to be aware of what business was being cared for during the winter months because some, if not all, of the former Executive Committees took official minutes of their meetings, made copies, and made them available to the SLI community. This practice was discontinued as was the widespread availability of the regular monthly minutes of the Trustees. 

For a while, one could sit in the "spacious" office and read minutes from a black loose-leaf notebook. Now they are not found either in the old black notebook nor the new SLI website. If one is not physically handicapped the outdoor bulletin boards work relatively well in pleasant, dry weather but not so well for those with joint or eyesight problems. 

The SLDNewsletter offers its services for including Board Meeting Minutes (and financial reports) if our readers would be interested in having them available in the SLDN. If so, let one of the Board members know so they can make arrangements.

Your all-volunteer Board meets monthly on the first Saturday from April through October and the Executive Committee meets each month from December through March. The purpose of these meetings is to manage the Silver Lake Institute budget and business. The current members of the Board of Trustees are: Bob Cook, Chuck Dusel, Julie Hoffner, Jill Knitter, Tom Kraft, Dan Longhany, Pete Mairs, Jim Riley, Bill Schaefer, Kris Schultz, Lance Seeber and Kevin Colburn.

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