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Monday, March 1, 2021

From SLDN Editor:
Two Weather Articles below with Orange Headlines Show Contrast in Monday thru Wednesday Forecasts

AccuWeather, through its search engine, brings up what it claims to be the "Silver Lake" weather forecast, as do each of the main private weather companies including the National Weather Service (NWS). Ironically, the Silver Lake Marine Weather Station makes no such claim but is actually located at the Silver Lake Marine building on Silver Lake. Its forecast area is powered to include Warsaw, Perry and Silver Springs, but this station never comes up as a source for Warsaw, Perry, or Silver Springs on weather search engines. 

This is probably because the large companies pay for the top positioning in the big search engines, carrying forecasts usually geared for Western New York's broader areas. The Silver Lake Marine, on the other hand, is a small and independent weather station whose accuracy is geared toward the limited mileage of the Silver Lake basin, in Western NY, and specifically the southeastern corner of Wyoming County. 

Silver Lake's forecast often differs from one of the larger companies and is quite often more comparable to a forecast equivalent to southwestern Livingston County. We've often asked the question: Does the Warsaw, Letchworth and Silver Lake valleys have anything to do with the differing forecasts created from the changing of wind patterns and directions as they cross the hills and valleys of the Route 20A section of Western New York? If not, it often appears that way.

UPDATE -- Monday morning was cloudy. Monday afternoon began with alternating sun and clouds with increasing wind. Shortly after 2 pm, a light, wind-blown snow began. Still light snowing at 3:30 pm. Snow moves from light to moderate at 4 pm. A light ground covering has formed. By 4:30 pm, snow had become light again.

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