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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Meals on Wheels:
Today's one-day meal cancellations suggest new emphasis on age 65+ vaccinations as new clinic opens

What Didn't Work -- There was much excitement when word came back from Albany that the letter sent to NYS from the counties of Wyoming, Genesee, and Orleans requesting a clinic was not only approved, but also scheduled. Its purpose was to meet the needs of WNY rural counties and their elderly. Then at the last minute, NYS threw open registration to everyone and in the process managed to squeeze out the very opportunities for which the request was originally made.

What's Working -- This morning began a second effort to benefit the elderly of Wyoming County as a clinic is being carried out today specifically for the residents of Wyoming County and its over 65 citizens as one of its emphases along with other front line service-givers including teachers. The number of cancelled Tuesday morning meals on wheels dinners is indicative of the success of the advertising and recruiting for this clinic. The fact that it is being held at the Wyoming County Highway Department helps promote the understanding of its purpose being for this county, even if the decision was made only because of convenience and room to accommodate.

The last new clinic at GCC in Genesee County, a one dose opportunity, partially failed in its mission because the zip codes were removed as a requirement allowing over 52% of the clinic to service Erie and Monroe counties leaving only room for 2.38% of the clinic to serve Wyoming County (17.03% Genesee; and 4.83% Orleans). Today's two-dose clinic requires proof of age, proof of Wyoming County residency, and acknowledgment of expected return for dose 2 in 21 days.. At least initially, it seems to be working.

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