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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Weekend Special--Part 2:
Was Louis Bruce, the 23-yr-old in Motorcycle Accident, a Part of SLI? Answer: Oh yes; from Nancy Sellar

Luie Bruce, on the right, pulling the wagon.

"I remember him. He was the Uncle of Esther Bruce Leney (who lived on the corner of Hedding and Perry Ave next to the P.O.) and of Elvira Waller (who lived on Embury and is the mother of present day cottager now in [what used to be] Kathy Gildner’s cottage on Wesley—I forget her name). He was a fixture at SLI for decades. 

"I will try to find and send you a photo of him taken in front of our cottage pulling a wagon filled with other boys. His cottage was on those lots donated to the Institute by the widow of his great nephew Bruce Leney and leased by SLI for boat lift storage," writes Nancy.  

"PS you might find out more from his great niece (whose name I have forgotten but you may know or can find) who is very nice and friendly. She and her husband, who was in the military, came back here because she always loved it and had that family connection."

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