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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Weekend Special:
Real Old Timers
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Ye Old Baseball Stadium: what is now The Meadow 
(NE corner SLI)

Frank Bear's House

Ye Old Hall of Philosophy, circa 1889, (later Epworth Inn) before it was made into a 3-story building by raising it up and building a new ground floor--a popular method of adding space around the turn of the 19th Century. It stood where Wilmott Lodge and the Asbury Retreat Center offices are now located--all of which was part of the Silver Lake Assembly (now SLI) before the SLI sold the property on which the Asbury buildings stood to the WNY Methodist Conference of which Asbury was a dynamic part.

Harlow Cottage in Mid Winter; year unknown.

Sea Serpent Program in Epworth Hall; year unknown.
Epworth Hall was built in 1892 after our grandfathers
and forefathers studied at least two different architect
drawings, choosing the last one over the first one.

This 1920 photo has four words on the bottom edge, the first three of which seem to be "Silver Lake County ____" with the last word not clear enough to decipher unless one of our readers can do it for us!

One reader suggested "Silver Lake Country Club"

This photo's only label is "Institute 1924"

Inside of Epworth Hall, taken during 

the 2017 Silver Lake Experience.

These two above photos have no labels.
Does anyone recognize anyone?

~~End of Series~~

1 comment:

  1. So the picture labeled "Institute 1924" is our home on 12 Fillmore Ave. I do not know the people in the photo but they are facing the lake and the photographer has their back to the lake. The area where the car is used to be a walk way that extended through the institute which was later offered up for purchase to families who's property bordered it.

    I love the photograph of the old gingerbread. I just replaced the gingerbread on our home but had to design something but now that I have a more original photograph, I may need to re-do something.

    I would love to get the original photo if the owner were willing to part with it.

    -Scott Niedzialek


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