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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Texas' Loss of Electricity Touches Hearts of Silver Lake Friends

Three days and counting. Thursday begins the fourth day of the loss of electrical power in Texas with the word that even the "pro's" don't know when it will be able to return. Why? None of the power equipment was winterized (not the 10% wind nor the 90% fossil fuels) so it all failed when the temperatures dropped and most of the system froze. 

Why wasn't it winterized as previously recommended? Cost--The goal has always been cheap power over preparedness for extended cold weather. Nevertheless, the Federal government is responding with an Emergency Declaration with FEMA resources and sending generators, diesel supplies, water and blankets.

Silver Laker Kerry who lives an hour south of Austin has been without electrical power since Sunday. Fortunately, her natural gas supply has not been interrupted so she keeps warm from her kitchen stove. She is more fortunate than those whose natural gas supply has been interrupted by the many moving parts having been frozen up. We got the word through texting between Kerry and Jo Brocklehurst of Lakeside Ave. who has been home since early January recovering from her second hip surgery which is better but still not completely.

Jessie and Dick Barth are also on our minds since they are in the same general vicinity, about an hour south of Austin, if I am recalling it correctly. Their son is also about an hour from there. No word yet from the Jerry Kelly's, in Texas, but they continue in our thoughts and in our prayers. Also had a good catch-up call from Julie Hoffner in the Pennsylvania cold. She is doing well. Suzanne Bristow in Virginia and Larry Beman and Barb in Florida crossed our minds as an email was exchanged between members of the Spiritual Life Committee.

We here at the Lake got snow but it hasn't slowed us down nor cramped our style. Nevertheless we're ready for it to go away. Asbury keeps us happy with their weekly meals which, as always, are delicious.

Texas Mayor Resigns following public release of unkind statements:

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