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Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday dawns with the third day of sunshine in spite of cloudy forecast

A few forecasters have synonymously related Silver Lake and other parts of WNY with "cloudiness." It doesnt seem to matter that this is our third day in a row with (so far) uninterrupted sunshine. It's kind of like flying a plane by instruments only and never looking through the windshield. Something is telling them that it's cloudy, or going to be cloudy, even when they look out and see a big blue sky. 

Actually, today there was an improvement. Forecasters are calling for partly cloudy and since it is still just 8:54 in the morning, they could yet turn out to be right. Not so yesterday. They called for a total day of cloudiness which resulted in uninterrupted sunshine in the Silver Lake basin. Whatever they're saying, I am enjoying each and every day that they have been less than accurate. Keep those sunny days coming, whatever has to be said in the forecast!

UPDATE -- Clouds developed in the afternoon Friday.

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