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Monday, February 1, 2021

Feathered Friends:
Surviving Winter's Cold and Snow

It took a while, but some real winter weather has come upon us … and the birds! With February and March ahead of us, the birds will really be counting on our bird feeding assistance over the ensuing weeks. Very cold nights and snow cover will make life very challenging for them.... If you want to help, set one or both of these items outside in your yard for them.

One ounce of chocolate fudge contains about 120 calories. One ounce of beef suet has 280 calories. If you're a bird, fudge definitely is for dessert. Suet, the main-course item, is a hard fat that surrounds cow kidneys. An average cow yields 10 to 15 pounds of suet. That's enough to feed birds in your yard for much of the winter.

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