Saturday, February 6, 2021

7:55 pm Report:
Silver Lake Receives No Snow from the Friday-Sat. Lake Effect Storm

The storm even wound down early as forecasters cancelled all watches and warnings four hours earlier than the original ending time of 10 pm. Notice of cancellation was received shortly after 6 pm. This was not a new phenomenon. Rather it goes with the growing understanding that the southeastern corner of Wyoming County needs just a little more input into whether or not it receives the same or less amount of snow when the forecast simply says, "Wyoming County." 

This time, that southeastern corner, which includes Silver Lake, followed more of the Livingston County forecast than it did Wyoming County. This time, examining five different radar projections paid off in determining early on that the southeastern corner would receive considerably less, if any, than the rest of Wyoming County. It's too small of an area and not populated enough for meteorologists to spend additional time reporting on the southeastern corner, we assume.

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