Saturday, February 6, 2021

1:15 am Update:
5 Radar Projections have Silver Lake missing bulk of today's Snow
Current radar accurately shows all activity up to the present moment. What is not current, is a computerized projection which takes all of the dynamics of weather forecasting and the actual history of it, to produce a futuristic pattern of what reasonably could be expected within the designated number of days and hours. 

In five different radar projections, it was fairly easy to determine that the bulk or heaviest of the lake effect snow bands that had been forecast, would be dissipating before the Silver Lake area. Two of the five appeared to allow for some limited snow fall, which, by the way, extended into Livingston County which had previously been singled out as getting no snow. Conditions can of course change between now and 10 pm Saturday, so only time will tell which portrayal will be received by Silver Lake. Although at this hour, it's looking good for a small amount limited to several inches at most and possibly less.

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