Monday, January 25, 2021

Sunday and Half of Today:
Day 2 of sun uplifts Lakers' Spirits;
Sun being filtered part time in pm

In spite of the unseasonably cold temperatures and the Buffalo Bills loss, good spirits remained for most of the weekend. Today was supposed to be a mix of clouds and sun, but so far, throughout the morning, and now in early afternoon, we still have full sun. From the early morning temp of 15° through the late morning temp of 28°, and now the early afternoon temp of 30°, we are well on our way to hitting today's high temp of 33°. It's a nice break before the next forecast of 3" of snow for Tuesday with a high temp of 35°. Tonight's low will go  back down, this time to 21°.

Ice Fishing continues across areas of the shallower south end of Silver Lake but has not yet begun further north. The temp in this south area is 29° degrees at 1:36 pm.
Courtesy of the Silver Lake Marine and the SLA

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