Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Silver Lake Experience 2021 has been moved to the Summer of 2022

The Program Committee of the Silver Lake Experience (SLE) has announced that it is postponing this year's SLE 2021 until the following Summer--August 4-7, 2022. The Committee determined that the current Covid-19 safety restrictions would considerably hamper the fully relaxed atmosphere and the generous exchange of interpersonal communication and fellowship. 

SLE engages in eating together in Koinonia Inn and Epworth Cafe, sitting and working together in workshops and presentations, and small group gatherings for porch chats, specialized tours both on and off campus (ex. birds, gardening, cottage, Letchworth, dairy farm),* and early morning spiritual times with the daily chaplain. 

The change in date also provides greater opportunity for participants in SLE 2022 to get inoculated against Covid-19 so as to put any remaining stress and strain behind potential participants before the Summer of 2022. 
* This article prepared by a/n SLDNewsletter staff writer and not intended as any guarantee of specific events or services, dates or times. Number of registrations often determines what is ultimately offered to participants.

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