Thursday, January 14, 2021

I believe it is important to say that there are no changes being planned in our editorial policies. They begin and end with our Silver Lake communities as the priority. Outside events can and do affect our lives here at Silver Lake and we continually strive to keep these in appropriate balance. 

For example, readers tell us that new stores and restaurants in Perry, Castile, and other surrounding communities are of interest to residents of Silver Lake. Being in the Perry School District adds to this dynamic. The shows and concerts put on by Wyoming County Arts Council are also appreciated as part of our coverage as are the year-round events of the Shake on the Lake troupe. 

When the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available to Wyoming County residents, 65 years of age and older, we will get that word out with its related procedure as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, in an effort to be timely, we get the cart before the horse and then have need to re-write, or even retract. We try to keep these to a minimum and utilize our trusted advisors as much as is practicable. We very much appreciate their input and the input of all our readers.

In these troubled times of pandemic, unemployment, political unrest, and extremism, we continue to do our best to maintain the principles of relevance, race neutrality, truth and accuracy based on verifiable facts. We do not subscribe to what has come to be known as "alternative facts" or political suppositions. Hopefully, when opinion is expressed, it will be faithfully labeled as "editorial" and we always welcome comments.

If an article is retracted or completely eliminated, the related comments will be eliminated also unless they specifically apply to the elimination itself. We have a large number of national companies who utilize blog comment sections to advertise their protects. These are eventually eliminated without further explanation.

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