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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Deaths, Damages, Ransackings:
Order Finally Restored to Capitol; Congress Certifies Biden, Harris; Contingency Plans Questioned

UPDATED LAST: 1:07 pm, 1/7/21

Four deaths have been attributed to the storming of the Capitol Building on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, but names or relationships to the Capitol have not yet been released. The first press release came shortly after 11 am Thursday (today)--without any new information. Facebook has suspended the President's account indefinitely, as has Twitter, but definitely for the next two weeks through the Presidential Inauguration.

Damages range all the way from broken windows and doors to the odors and left over residue of tear gas. The ransacking of congressional offices including files and computers has been reported and individually owned items removed from office desks and shelves. Some in the crowds lingered for photos of them at the desks of significant legislators such as Nancy Pelosi's office.

Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger is the first GOP congressman to call for the implementation of the 25th Amendment which authorizes the vice president to take over when the president is not able to continue or for a specific amount of time. Kinzinger has not ruled out impeachment. The congressman's statements were made on network television. 

This raises the question as to the public safety of the remaining days prior to the Inauguration on January 20th or even after the new president is installed. The D.C. National Guard will remain in place for a 30-day deployment which includes the Inauguration event.

Both President Trump and the Internet made no secret of the upcoming crowds planning to fly in from many different areas of the country to be a part of "something significant." President Trump billed it as being "a wild event"--something his supporters would not want to miss. He advised the crowd, "You'll never take back our country with weakness" and then told them to march down the street and on to the Capitol. 

It now appears that the Capitol Police overestimated their ability to handle the situation and underestimated the size and intensions of the primed-up mob. It is reported that the Capitol Police were actually turning back some early offers of help. Perhaps they just weren't following the President on television or internet--both of which were carrying the President and his exhortations to the crowds at the advertised rally.

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