Tuesday, January 26, 2021

News & Weather Briefs 3

1/27/21, 1AM REPORT -- 26° -- Total snow from 4:30 pm through 1 am totaled a dusting (well under 1/2").

News & Weather Briefs 2

4:30 PM REPORT -- 30° -- A light snow has started on the east shore of Silver Lake, vicinity of the Institute.

News & Weather Briefs 1

1PM REPORT -- THE MORNING HOURS WERE CLOUDY with no Snow but Some Freezing Drizzle. Both the forecast for snow and for mixed precipitation continues through 10 pm.

1PM REPORT -- RESERVATIONS FOR THE TAKE OUT TURKEY DINNER should take place as soon as possible as the limit for the Asbury Turkey Dinner is quickly filling in. Call 237-5262.

1PM REPORT -- THE CONTINUING LACK OF VACCINE SUPPLY is a significant factor in determining whether or not we will be adequately closer to herd immunity for the upcoming summer. The current lack of answers about the supply is causing concern for Silver Lake summer programming for 2021.

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