Friday, December 4, 2020

Winter Not Holding Up Cottage Repair

Usually outdoor cottage repair, upkeep, and gardening takes a back seat during most of the winter months. Not particularly so this year. A quick drive around our community shows a willingness not to have cottage work projects put off until Spring. It's time to get the ol' camera out this weekend and let those of you with warmer wintertime locations see the progress. Some of those projects include: 

  1. Adding a second floor and back expansion to the cottage on Hedding behind the Office/Shop/Garage.
  2. A couple of new windows seen in the ol' WeFellInn, Wesley Ave., corner Park Ave.
  3. The complete do-over of the completely revamped, newly-brown cottage on Janes Ave., corner of Genesee Ave.        
  4. The beautiful, newly landscaped front yard of Bill and Nancy Squire, Genesee Ave., corner Perry Ave.
  5. Something for which to look forward to: additional paving of Janes Ave. toward the north end.

Photos will be coming very soon.

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