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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wind and Weather not detouring cottage and property projects: Part 3

In our last "property project" story we wrote about the new windows at the Wee Drop Inn, but only showed three of the four that were replaced. Pictured above is that fourth window that we described as looking like the new, "smaller window on the Lake side." 

This cottage, located on Janes Ave., southeast corner of Genesee, is one that has been completely remodeled inside and out in preparation to be a year-round residence. It has been in process for more than one year and inside work continues. It appears that great effort was taken to have it fit the character of the Institute and we are grateful to the relatively "new" owners for taking that into consideration.

This is the view of the brown cottage at the southeast corner of Janes and Genesee. This photo shows how dramatically SLI's hill rises within the Silver Lake basin, and more specifically here in the Institute as one example of it.

Pictured above is the recently completed remodeling of the cottage that originally faced Camp Road and is now a part of Perry Avenue. It is located on the southeast corner of Camp Rd. and Perry Ave. The Camp Road entrance was eliminated and a beautiful addition and entrance added to the Perry Avenue side. The white picket fence was an attractive addition including the address identification plate.

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