Saturday, December 5, 2020

This Monday is More than
Just another Monday

This Monday will come and go, and for many it will pass without any thought of its significance. Here are the thought-provoking dynamics of the day:

  • Last Day for open enrollment in altering your Medicare Supplementary coverage.
  • Last Day for Georgians to register to vote in the Jan. 5th Run Off Election for U.S. Senate.
  • The annual commemoration of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942 causing the United States to enter World War II and the fight against fascism.
  • This year's Pearl Harbor Day Commemoration's theme, "Above and Beyond the Call," represents a milestone of its own as the first December 7th commemoration to follow the nationwide commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII--November 13, 2020 / December 7, 2020.

HEALTH INSURANCE -- We note here that the advertising for Medicare's additional benefits has been fierce and constant and somewhat misleading. First, if you do not have additional insurance ("supplementary") beyond Medicare and can either afford to purchase it OR fall under the income limits that let's the government pay for it, then you should probably follow up with either your favorite insurance company or agent, or your required pension's insurance company to get the additional coverage. At least one of the advertisements has it correctly when they state, "You may be able to get additional benefits for no cost" (or reasonable cost). The emphasis on the previous quoted line should be on the word "may" since they are primarily talking to those under the income limit and those who can afford the additional health insurance policy. If you find health insurance confusing, going through an "insurance market" may be helpful to you since they can help you choose from more than one company while using every day language.

GEORGIA RUN OFF ELECTION -- This is one of those rare occasions in which one state's run off election winds up profoundly affecting the entire balance of power in the U.S. Senate. If Georgia elects the two Republican incumbents, Senate power, as it is now, remains with the Republicans. If Georgia elects just one Democrat, Senate power still remains with the Republicans. If, however, Georgians elect two Democrats, the Senate power switches over to the Democratic party. The newly-elected President, Joe Biden will either be helped or hindered by this vote unless he can bring about a new spirit of bipartisanism--to which the current Republican-led Senate has not been open (at least through Dec. 1st).

PAUSE TO REMEMBER -- In the midst of these "wild and crazy" days, let us not forget to remember and be grateful for the many who served and those who gave their lives during World War II for the freedoms we continue to enjoy today. My father served in Europe, his one older brother on a Medical Ship, and his other older brother also served in WWII. All three returned relatively unscathed. My father returned on the same medical ship during the same time that his brother served on it. They did not see each other during that particular voyage to the States delivering injured men home. I was the third generation to serve during war time and the second generation to serve actually in a war zone (Vietnam 1969-70).

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