Saturday, December 19, 2020

News Briefs

  • SECOND VACCINE, MODERNA, now approved for EUA (Emergency Use Authoriza-tion) and shipping of the Moderna vaccines has begun. Elderly are next in line for the shots. Distribution will be easier since standard freezers and refrigerators will work rather than the deep freezers required for Pfizer's vaccines.
  • SNOW SHOWERS (with the possibility of rain mixed in) will occur Saturday night, early Sunday morning and Sunday night with a total accumulation for the weekend of one inch. Temperatures should be remaining primarily in the 30's.
  • RUSSIAN INTRUSION -- The Trump administration offered lawmakers few details about the recent hacking campaign against the U.S. Government, several members of Congress said on Friday following a classified briefing on the intrusion and calling for an in-person meeting. U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch, the head of the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform panel's national security subcommittee, said the information provided was "very disappointing" and that it appeared U.S. "cybersecurity experts don't have a real sense yet in terms of the breadth of the intrusion itself."
  • THE NEXT MAJOR WINTER WEATHER-MAKER will take shape just in time for Christmas this coming week, threatening to snarl travel and bring bitterly cold air. However, for anyone dreaming of a White Christmas, it will come just in time. Silver Lake should receive an as-yet-to-be-determined amount of snow and cold.
  • HEALTH PROFESSIONALS are advising no travel for the Christmas holidays and no gatherings beyond those already living together in a household. Hospitals are struggling to recover from the positive cases created by Thanksgiving travel and a duplicate of that would create even more loss of life via Covid-19.
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