Tuesday, December 15, 2020

N E W S....B R I E F S

SECOND VACCINE, MODERNA, SEEKS APPROVAL -- The second vaccine, Moderna, in the application process, is seeking the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and the committee that decides and brings back its recommendation to the FDA, meets on Thursday to consider the application.

TWO FEET OF SNOW?  -- "A major nor’easter is expected to take shape at midweek and unload the biggest snowstorm in years across a good portion of the Northeast. Snowfall totals are expected to be measured in feet in some areas across the interior as winds ramp up and create near-blizzard conditions for parts of the region late Wednesday into Thursday morning. But, one factor will keep the storm from becoming a full-on “snowmaggedon,” and that will be it’s forward speed. It’ll be a fast-moving storm, which will keep overall snow totals down. Even still, at the storm’s peak, snow is expected to come down at a rate of 1 to 3 inches per hour." Courtesy AccuWeather 12/15/20

NOON SNOWFALL AND SUN -- A mixture of small  and medium sized snow flakes are gently falling, adding to the dusting of snow received over-night. The current snow is being forecast as continuing for two hours or less, but it stopped at Silver Lake shortly after 12:35 pm. Current temp ranges from 23-27 degrees 1:20 pm at various locations along the lakeshore. THE SUN penetrated the clouds shortly after 1 pm.

OVERNIGHT MONDAY AND TUESDAY MORNING we received a dusting of snow with AM temperatures in the mid 20s.

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