Sunday, December 27, 2020

Health Care Professionals Trying Hard to Save Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, in Order to Save Your Life

Why do doctors and nurses make so many public pro-nouncements about staying home and refraining from travel? Simply because they have figured out how the conduct of the general public affects their reasonable and unreasonable working conditions. Their supporters (which should be all of us) chart the statistics. They compare the drastic increases in public transportation--airports, train and bus stations--and compare it to the equally drastic increases in serious hospitalizations for Covid-19.

These hard working people confront the hellish realities of our pandemic on a daily and hourly basis. Who are those who dare to question their front-line, daily and hourly experiences? Only those with no respect for the facts or the medical community--until their time has come--which is usually too late! 

"Foolish Americans!" We used to be Number One in the world of innovation, invention, and medicine. Now we are more apt to be known as Number One in conspiracy theories, which by definition are fiction, totally made up. Now what could possibly be behind the making up of stories that allure people into dangerous and life-threatening actions every day? Self aggrandizement? Popularity? Notoriety? Lunacy? Cruelty? Power? Evil? Sociopathology? So far the rationale for telling stories as though they were truth hurts people and the quality of their lives.

The following is being offered to those who seek "the way, the truth, and the life." In other words, only for those who can handle the truth. If "you can't handle the truth," don't waste your time here; and don't waste the time and the lives of the doctors and nurses the rest of us have come to depend on!

December 27, 2020

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