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Monday, December 14, 2020

Guest Speaker at Silver Lake, Paul Robinson, has Video Series Out Online

The Spiritual Life Committee of the Silver Lake Institute has had some truly inspirational speakers throughout the years. David Lubba was one who was invited back on three different occasions. On one of those occasions, he spoke of the large numbers and concentration of trees at Silver Lake, the different types and qualities of them, and the importance they apparently seemed to play for us. Even when certain trees are removed or broken by a storm, we sometimes feel the affect of their absence. From there his words held us captive as he described how trees sometimes resembled some of our life experiences and the advantages we have over them as social, human beings. My point is that I rarely remember a speaker's topic a month or two later, but his I have remembered for at least several years.

Rev. Paul Robinson
Another popular speaker also invited back is Paul Robinson. One of Paul's recent times with us in Epworth Hall, he came from behind the podium and stood in the center isle where a small table was covering something. He revealed a mixing bowl, flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, cup of water, several tablespoons of baker's chocolate, a mixer, and undoubtedly some other items I'm not recalling at the moment. He explained he was about to mix ingredients to create a cake batter. He questioned us as to whether or not we thought that leaving out one or more ingredients would affect the end result of his cake. We all concluded it would. He began to compare how the quality of our lives are affected when we leave out a well balanced diet of family, friends, song, fun, and the spiritual aspect of faith and love. Yet another speaker's topic for which I am inclined not to forget.

My final point is to share two of Paul Robinson's video series since it is free to all without charge, and since also, it seemed to me to have particular relevance in this year 2020 and as we approach the second very social holiday, Christmas, for which we should again lay low and not party. So far it looks as though we will only miss Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020 because of the beginning of the vaccine circulation which, hopefully, will be successfully complete by next Thanksgiving and Christmas--and what a huge joy that will be! The topics of Paul's which I am sharing are "Masks" and the other "Self Isolation/Quarantine." Paul's approach is so unobtrusive that one long's to hear what else he has to say.

To watch and listen to the video's, click on:

Let us know if you would like to see more of Paul Robinson's video's or other's. Leave a comment or an email.

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