Monday, December 14, 2020

N E W S....B R I E F S

TWO CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES are being offered at the United Methodist Church in Perry--one at 4 pm and one at 7 pm. Reservations are required in order to set up the social distancing seating. Everyone attending is asked to mask so the singing of Christmas Carols will be possible. There will be a candlelight closing. To reserve space, choose 4 pm or 7 pm, then call or email the church office (585) 237-5369 or

TUESDAY NIGHT'S TEMPERATURE will dip to 18 degrees, making it the lowest reading of the current cold snap.

SOME SNOW FORECAST FOR THURSDAY -- Somewhere between one and two inches of snow is forecast to arrive between Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon this week. Temperatures will range between 25 and 30 degrees with a brief period on Thursday when it will rise to 32 degrees. Thursday will mark one week away from Christmas Eve.

TWO SNOW STORMS HAVE BEEN PREDICTED well in advance of their forecast arrival next week--one on Monday and one extending from Tuesday into Thursday. According to the storm tracking maps, both storms are to fall well short of Buffalo and Rochester. The Monday storm will also fall well short of Silver Lake. The edge of the second storm appears to cross very near the Silver Lake area. How much of the one-to-two feet of snow will actually fall around Silver Lake and Perry--if any--is not yet known. Other areas will receive between one and two feet of snow, or so it is currently forecast.

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