Sunday, December 27, 2020

Christmas Storm of 2020 Now Over; Silver Lake Area Not Fully Involved

THEORY--It must have something to do with our geography. Among the wild guesses are that Letchworth's "Grand Canyon of the East" helps to create protective air circulation and/or magnetic controls over storms' generally positive ions. Or perhaps the Warsaw valley creates a dumping ground, although that doesn't seem to be as statistically prominent. Perhaps the winds driving the storms are affected by the Silver Lake Basin: this one is particularly interesting because the winds from the west often create a situation where the east shoreline receives more wind, rain and snow than those of us situated just a few narrow streets up the basin's east hill.

PRACTICALITY--For those more interested in knowing how to plan for a storm that includes specifics, there's a general rule to interpreting the meteorologist's weather forecasts for Wyoming County, NY. Notice I said general rule and not "hard and fast." (1) For those who travel regularly between the communities throughout Wyoming County, our advice is to follow the official forecasts to the letter. For Wyoming County, Warsaw, and the northern sections of the Town of Perry, they are amazingly accurate. 

(2) For those who prefer to wait out storms in their home or home communities, one must wait to see when and if the forecasters become specific. Their specific advice is generally accurate. For example, forecasters will move from using the broad category of "Wyoming County" to: "southwestern Wyoming County," "northwestern Wyoming County," or "northeastern Wyoming County." When they do that and thereby become more specific, we in the southeastern section can then feel a much higher degree of confidence about what is coming (or not coming) and where and when.

The Silver Lake - Letchworth zone is a unique recreational area in which geography has played a profoundly major role. Perhaps that same geography works to alter conditions in southeastern Wyoming County quite apart from what the rest of the county can be receiving. This past week's Christmas Day storm used "4 inches" as a bare minimum of what county residents could expect. Most estimates, however, were quite a bit higher such as "20 inches." We in the Silver Lake - Letchworth area struggled to find 1-inch during the height of the storm times, usually registering a mere "dusting of snow." We are indeed WNY's and Wyoming County's "best kept secret--summer and winter."

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