Thursday, December 17, 2020

8 am - 11 am Update  ...

  • Buffalo Airport: 2.6 feet of snow; 20 degrees at 8 am.
  • SLI north of Perry Ave. - anywhere between 3-4 inches; and 8 inch drifts depending upon how the wind did or didn't hit upon buildings and vehicles; appearing as a winter wonderland; plowing currently taking place at SLI (8 am).
  • current temperature: 13 degrees.
  • reporting agencies not reporting number of inches of snow at this time - -ANYONE: PLEASE EMAIL YOUR LOCATION AND NUMBER OF INCHES TO: You may include your name if you wish. Others will so appreciate it. Thank you.
  • SLI's shoreline community (west of Perry Ave.) -- waiting for report.
  • Albany -- 36+ inches
  • Binghamton -- 36+ inches
  • Buffalo -- 30 inches
  • SLI -- 4 inches
  • Warsaw -- 6 inches
  • This afternoon, winds coming in from Lake Ontario bringing snow flurries "to the northtowns." Temperature to rise to 27 degrees this afternoon.
9:00 am Update ...
  • North Lake Air Temp: 16; South Lake Air Temp: 15.
  • Silver Lake Air is clear (no flurries).
  • Lake appears to have more open water today than yesterday.
11: 00 am Update ...
  • Silver Lake North -- 20 degrees.   Silver Lake South -- 18 degrees. AccuWeather reports 22 degrees for Silver Lake but they sometimes report the same temperature as their source which is Castile also at 22 degrees.
  • AccuWeather reports that "White Christmas Hopes Are Alive!" because "chilly air [will] linger behind [the] snowstorm [and] increase white Christmas hopes in [the] northeast."
  • Snow is still clinging to the bare limbs of the trees and most surfaces which is helping to create the winter wonderland affect.
  • There was a brief period of sun in the northern half of Silver Lake from about 10 am through 10:15.
Courtesy Silver Lake Institute

Courtesy Silver Lake Marine and SLA

12 Noon ...

  • North: 21 degrees; South: 20 degrees.

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