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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Wyoming County C-19 Cases Torpedo to 332, without Early Explanation

UPDATE 3:05 PM -- 8 Additional Confirmed Cases Reported for 11/14/20.

UPDATE 3:12 PM -- 42 of the 11/13/20 reported number are from testing done at Attica Correctional Facility, located in Wyoming County, and has now been confirmed. Thanks also to our alert reader for the initial information.

Thursday's Reporting was a significant increase of 16 cases, but Friday's reporting, which arrived here Saturday morning was an unbelievable 45 cases in real time reporting. Cases went from 287 to Friday's impactful 332. There was no immediate explanation for such a dramatic jump but an alert reader of the SLDNewsletter discovered that 42 of the 45 cases were from a test event at the Attica Correctional Facility. This was confirmed with the NYS Health Department. 

It's unfortunate that the information was not included in the earlier reports, causing quite a surprise for some residents of Wyoming County as it borders on Erie County, now designated a yellow zone for Covid-19 transmutability. If you are interested in seeing how Wyoming County Confirmed Cases compares to its surrounding counties, click on "Read More" below.

This latest staggering increase in Covid-19 cases was earlier believed to have something to do with the upcoming traditional holiday period as people travel across county lines and beyond for shopping, travel, college students returning home, or any number of other possibilities or combinations of reasons. These concerns should be foremost in residents' minds as we enter the height of our yearend holidays.  ED1 ED2

WNY Confirmed Cases
as of 3:30 pm 11/14/20

Allegany      589
Cattaraugus xx661
Chautauqua* 1,210

Erie  CC   17,021
Genesee       584
Livingston    466
Monroe*    10,074
Niagara*    2,616
Wyoming**  AM 332
Wyoming**  PM 340

(* asterisks indicate a
non-bordering county; 
**42 positives are from
the Attica Correctional

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  1. Note: 42 of the 45 cases come from the Attica Correctional Facility.


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