Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Weather Update at 10:10 am Wed.;
Mid-Afternoon Update: No Snow

Temperature at Silver Lake is now up to 28 degrees at 10:10 am Wednesday. There is lake-effect snow coming across Lake Ontario in a southwesterly direction in such a manner that it seems to be traveling along the east side of Route 390 according to radar. Because the snow is wind-based, it could shift over the 390 easily and hit us in the southeastern area of the county.

We haven't been getting any of the lake-effect up to this point. With the increasing temperature, the "dusting" we received earlier is in a slow melt although still very much present and visible. It is difficult to predict what the winds will do next.

The Lake Effect snow from this morning has now shut down and the Silver Lake area has not experienced any additional snow since the light snow and dusting of mid-morning. Even at the present 33 degrees, most of the "dusting" has cleared.

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