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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Today Kicks Off a 12-Day Warm Trend

Mid-Morning Sun at the South End of Silver Lake, WNY
(9:15 am Wed. Courtesy of Silver Lake Marine and SLA)

A major warm up is on the way for the Midwest and northeastern United States following a dose of winter weather that suppressed temperatures 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit below average on Monday. Forecasters say the pattern switch will soon allow temperatures to rebound by 30-40 degrees  Fahrenheit from chilly early-week levels.

Mother Nature is about to give anyone who is not yet ready for the onset of winter a little throw back to early fall in the form of a mini November heat wave. The upcoming pleasant weather pattern will allow people more time to rake leaves and prep homes and vehicles for winter -- and even challenge a high-temperature record or two in places. On the other hand, winter lovers may need to put freshly-waxed skis off to the side for a couple more weeks.

Forecasters expect the warmup to become even more significant across the Central and Eastern states by the weekend as the jet stream is projected to retreat even farther to the north.

Courtesy of AccuWeather

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