Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Story of a Thanksgiving Event at Silver Lake, NY, for the Year 2020

Photos Courtesy of J.A.R. Kraft

This is a brief, pictorial story of the preparations for a Thanksgiving feast at Silver Lake, among those who might otherwise be alone and some without festive food for the holiday week. How grateful we are for those whose foresight helped to bring about such a positive and productive event in the life of the Wyoming County Community Service, the Asbury Retreat Center, and the Silver Lake Institute. We are particularly thankful for the coordinating leadership of the Reverend Jackie Ann Rose Kraft; and for the hard work of the Retreat Center Director, the Reverend Susan Russell and the Assistant Director Naomi Morley and their kitchen cooking and service staff. Lastly, we give thanks for those who packed and delivered the Thanksgiving meals throughout our Lake community, and for any and all who contributed in any way to this Christ-like cause!

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