Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Occasional Light Snow Keeps 'Dusting'

Silver Lake's 34 degrees feels more like 20 degrees this afternoon and the light snow comes and goes and sometimes is more than "light" so it reduces visibility. Currently the snow is alternating between light and medium. The winds are gusting at 22 mph which makes the times of medium snow appear like the beginning of squalls, but returns back to light snow. Even the leaves on the ground are beginning to cover over east of Perry Ave. It is a somewhat unpredictable day, but definitely winter in nature.

The above photo was captured from the SLI North Cam at 1:25 and was taken a few minutes after the above report. The sun is now shining here (east of Perry Ave.) and it looks like it may be attempting to shine over the Lake. Blue Sky can be seen entering from the top right corner of the shot. The sun is already melting off the last few "dustings" of "light snow."
  Courtesy of Silver Lake Institute

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