Sunday, November 22, 2020

Corona Virus Warnings Only Partially Observed; Airports Busy with Travelers

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Traditional Thanksgiving travel is being blamed for potential mass spreaders of the virus, mostly because of airplane travel but also because of extended families planning to get together. The CDC and NYS warnings began by saying holiday participants should hold down family gatherings to 10. The latest warnings tell us that holiday celebrations should remain within the bounds of the family or friends one lives with on a regular basis. 

Although travel is down comparatively speaking, travel is also way up when compared to what it has been for these last months of the pandemic. It is apparent that most public travelers are masking and some are even face-shielding to protect from the virus getting into the moisture of the eyes. The new advice also discourages meals eaten together. They are hoping a little sadness or loneliness ib Thanksgiving will save us for Christmas--although we would be wise to use an abundance of caution which is being advised even after inoculations begin.

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