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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Wyoming County is still among the lowest in Covid-19 cases, but Oct. has been unprecedented in record highs

UPDATED -- Statistics for Wyoming County for the last three (3) days of the month (October 29 through 31), show an increase of eleven (11) for the three day total. Just a number of months back, an increase of four in Wyoming County would have required a time period of a week or more. For whatever reason, Wyoming County is on a steady roll backward as the number of Covid-19 cases continue to increase on a regular basis. 

On the positive side, there are a much larger number of Wyoming County residents who are doing their fair share in keeping the Covid-19 spread down. We must keep doing what is right because if our county goes the route of so many others, there will be no where to which to run for safety or shelter. We are in our "retreat" now and need to keep it that way. Boldly preach masks, social distancing, wash hands, avoid indoor gatherings, skip holiday meals and gatherings in favor of being safely around for next year's celebrations! Try something new like being with nuclear family gatherings by way of Xoom electronics--a million times more effective than even masks. May God bless your efforts.

10/31/20 - up 3_____Confirmed ........ 199_____Active ........ 194
10/30/20 - up 4_____Confirmed ........ 196_____Active ........ 191
10/29/20 - up 4_____Confirmed ........ 192_____Active ........ 187
10/28/20 - up 2_____Confirmed ........ 188_____Active ........ 183
10/27/20 - up 1_____Confirmed ........ 186_____Active ........ 181
10/26/20 - up 8_____Confirmed ........ 185_____Active ........ 180
10/23/20 - up 5_____Confirmed ........ 177__ )__Active ........ 172
Deaths (EOC) .......... 5_____Recovered* ...175
(Courtesy of the Wyoming County Emergency Operations Center)
*Wyoming County Health Department
Livingston County: 305 as of 10/29/20 (Courtesy CDC Tracking)
Genesee County: 388 as of 10/29/20 (Courtesy CDC Tracking)
Allegany County: 308 as of 10/29/20 (Courtesy CDC Tracking)
Erie County: 13,021 as of 10/29/20 (Courtesy CDC Tracking)

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