Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Wyoming County Covid-19 Cases Up Two Days Prior to First Half of October

The first thirteen days of October saw the Covid-19 case numbers rise from 139 to 153 according to figures released by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) of Wyoming County. That's 14 new cases in less than a half a month when the County has been running 14-17 cases for a full month's total. Granted, if there are no new cases for the rest of October, we will not be exceeding our latest monthly totals. If we continue at this new rate of C-19, we will be doubling the number at a minimum. 

At a grand total of 153 Covid-19 cases which have been registered from the beginning, Wyoming County remains one of the lowest count counties in the old Western New York area. For the purposes of the Covid-19 counts, Wyoming was assigned by NYS to the "Finger Lakes area," apparently away from the more metropolitan areas which at the beginning of the pandemic were running considerably higher totals than rural Wyoming. This month's higher rate mid-way through the month should caution those who might possibly feel that the pandemic is diminishing to take another look at what is happening out west and mid-west.

The peaking taking place west of here is producing dangerous conditions for health providers. One western hospital, Oklahoma City, has already reported no further ICUs are available and regular beds are also used up. Wisconsin has opened its first Field Hospital. Let's make a special effort to keep this county at a low rate of growth and safe for our families, friends, and fellow citizens.

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