Thursday, October 15, 2020

Wyoming County Covid-19 Cases
Up by 3 in One Day Wednesday

Today the Wyoming County's Covid-19 count took a one-day jump of 3 bringing the county total to 156, as reported by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) of Wyoming County. Although today is the 15th, considered by some to be the halfway point in the month, October has 31 days making the 16th at Noon the halfway point. 

For those who continue to shelter at home or even work at home and observe social distancing (minimum of six feet) and wearing a mask which covers both the mouth and nose, and continue to wash their hands regularly should have nothing more to fear except, possibly, indoor gatherings and particularly large gatherings. 

The current spiking is taking place across the county, and yet the political crowds that gather to rally on the  Right, seemingly have adopted "herd immunity," which is the approach similar to Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be, will be). If only the disease would offer immunity for the trouble of suffering the disease; however, just the opposite is true. The trend is that even those who survive Covid-19 are catching it again and dying from the second time around.

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