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Sunday, October 4, 2020

SLI Resident Password Page will Transition into SLI Residential Pages

What's the main difference between Newsletter's old "Password Page" and Blogger's "Author-Access"?

1. Difference #1 -- You don't have to keep remembering and typing in your password each time. The system remembers it as long as you do not "log out." Opening the page activates your access and closing the page remembers your password (if you stay logged in). Of course you would not stay logged in on a public computer or a friend or acquaintance's computer. Experiment if you like--try it both ways.

2. Difference #2 -- Once you are loggin in, you will discover the Home Page just like before where you can read the private news about the Institute such as tax rates, schedule of streets to be paved, a budget item, getting rid of Epworth Bees without killing them, any vandalism or residents creating any illegal nuisances. NOW you will also have a choice for original material. There will be links to the following residential pages: Gardening, Baking, Travel, Music, Letter to the Editor, Opinion Page and more as we receive your recommendations. Some topic areas may be combined into "My Favorite Things." What are all these pages for? They are provided for your original material as you feel inspired to write or share a worthwhile adventure or concert you heard. You can type it directly into the residential page. If you prefer, you can email it and we will check it for spelling and grammar before publishing it. Either way.


The old "Password Page" required a three-step process (including a steady hand) to enter the one Password Page made up of "private SLI" news written by the Newsletter Editor. The Newsletter reader could only comment on each article but could not create any original material except within the comment section.


The new "Residential Pages" will only require you, as the Reader, to receive a one-time invitation to join the Author-Readers Private Group, and your one-time response to accept the invitation. Upon your acceptance of our invitation, your current email and choice of password will be automatically entered into the Blogger system which will activate you as a member of the Author-Reader Private Group. You can either leave your account logged in all the time (as I do) or you can log out after each use. Logging out after each use will require you to re-enter your password in order to return. If you leave your status in the "on" position all the time, there is no need to re-enter your password.

If you can't wait to get started, use the communication form in the left hand column (or send an email) requesting an invitation to the new Author-Reader Private Group (c/o SLDN@mail.com) and as soon as you respond to our invitation, your free membership will be entered. The residential home page will contain all news that the Trustees specifically give to us for that private page, or news that we discover and judge to be of a private nature. All other programmatic and promotional news and ads will appear in the regular section of the Newsletter, https://www.SilverLakeDailyNewsletter.com.

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