Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Newsletter Website Crashed Sunday; After 3 Days of Hard Work, it's Back!

Over the weekend, things began to malfunction. Before long there wasn't' much of anything still working and readers eventually could no longer access the site. Laying all other plans aside, the project had my full attention for the best part of 3 days, which included two overnighters! What's important is that the Newsletter is back in service--except for the Private Page which needs more work. 

I'm building the Private Page for SLI residents back the way it was--password style--which seemed to create the least amount of stress on the system. The Private Page should be back in service by week's end. At the present time, there are no new items on the Private Page. Now we just need to get some rest :0 ! 

The easily-accessed Blog Archive also hit the chopping block. It served as a convenient historical record and saved time in creating publicity. The size of the content was causing great stress on the system and this was another way of eliminating additional damaging stress.

Readers are encouraged to email me if they experience any difficulties getting in to the site or traveling through the site. Sometimes I will be experiencing nothing off kilter while readers may be having a different experience! Thanks for your help.

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