Monday, October 19, 2020

News Updates

THE WYOMING COUNTY count for Covid-19 continues its rise as another 4 cases were added today, Oct. 19th. This follows 3 cases two days ago, Oct. 17th and 4 cases one day earlier, Oct.16th. All of September, Wyoming's cases totaled 14. So far, the count for October is 28 and we are just over the half-way point in October.

THE NEW ACCESSIBLE bath room on Hoag's first floor is making slow, but steady progress. Slow is fine when working with an all volunteer crew. The closing of the 2020 Season has permitted the workers—all residents of SLI—to work at a comfortable rate of speed as opposed to the original deadline of being ready for this past July 1st.

BOTH THE SLI PROGRAM committee and the Silver Lake Experience Planning Committee have put together excellent programs for the 2021 Season. This is in spite of forecasts that a Covid-19 vaccine will not be available for yet another 12-18 months because of recent illnesses among test subjects. In the meantime, new treatments are coming into use to increase healing time and decrease number of deaths. At this point Season 2021 is being planned by faith, and the hope that safety practices will enable the programs to proceed.

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