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Saturday, October 24, 2020

'Invitations' to the Newsletter's Private Page(s) for SLI Residents are Sent Out

UPDATE -- I am receiving reports that Invitations are winding up in Readers' Spam folders and other miscellaneous folders. Be sure to
check all your folders for an invitation. I will keep you posted.

Twenty-seven were in the initial batch of emails sent to SLI residents between October 23 and 24. As of 10 pm Saturday evening, the Blogger system has acknowledged each one of the sent invitations as having been sent, but none of the invitations have been automatically received on the Blogger list of permissions to enter the Private Page.

Blogger tells us that those receiving an invitation must return their acceptance of the invitation using the email through which they received the invitation. We are frustrated by the current delays and ask for your patience. Those wanting Charlie's mailing address and phone, should include that request with your invitation acceptance and I will email that information to you right away.

To those who have already responded in the affirmative to their invitations -- I am unable to add your name manually because of the safety feature that requires your acceptance. When blogger recognizes your acceptance, their system automatically adds your name (or so it is supposed to be).

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