Friday, October 30, 2020

A Taste of Winter 2020-21

Get this! The high for the Silver Lake area will be as warm as 38 at the North end and 36 at the South end. Friday's lows for Silver Lake will be 24 at the North end and 26 at the South end. A shower of rain or wet snow is possible. These temperatures are a compilation of Earth Networks, the National Weather Service, the Weather Channel, and AccuWeather.

It should be noted that Silver Lake already hit its highs for the day and temperatures are already dropping at 8 am this morning. The first noticeable "snow," just barely, was at 8:15 am as the temperatures are right around the freezing point. By 8:30 some of the white was beginning to stick to some surfaces. It was just Monday some delivery people were in short sleeves. Just one week ago today, Silver Lake's air temperature hit 79.

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