Saturday, August 29, 2020

Watershed Commission to Contribute $25K to the Gates Project at the Dam

Last Monday, August 24th was the special session of the Silver Lake Watershed Commission with Eleanor Jacobs as the new chair. The purpose of the meeting was to gather information for the Commission members regarding repairs at the Dam. Seven of the 20 present were property owners at Silver Lake. Mayor Hauser of Perry was also present. Membership of Commission consists of Town and Village of Perry, Castile, Mt. Morris and a representative from the Silver Lake Association (SLA).

Each community makes an annual contribution of $6,000 maintained by Perry Village clerk Gail Vosburg who is also clerk of the Commission which voted on Monday to fund one-third of the cost of the current repair of the dam gates and the coffer dam, estimated at $25,000. The dam for the outlet is a 100-inch spillway. The Commission was told .Monday that the Lake was at 83 inches, down six from its previous reading. The level is usually kept between 90 and 95 inches.

Village Administrator Matt Horn estimates that construction and materials will cost $75,000 and there will be oversight costs. The last update in 1981 cost $105,000. He expressed additional fears of other items of expense as the project proceeded since the Village has only been able to afford basic maintenance. The project may involve inspectors, engineers, and/or DEC people who may call for more to be done. 

"If we want to do more than minimal maintenance ... it will take more resources ... [or to] enhance the quality of the lake with additional support," said Horn.

"That's the biggest bunch of BS I've ever heard," said Castile Councilman Stan Klein. He asked Perry if it would be willing to turn dam jurisdiction over to a higher authority. Even though there was no audible response, it seemed clear that the Village would have little problem in answering in the affirmative. Horn noted that Castile receives most of the Lake taxes since most of the Lake lies in the Town of Castile.

Source: Lorraine Sturm, Publisher, The Perry Herald;
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