Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tree Work Necessitated by an Urgent Need on Genesee near Ames Walkway

Photo by J. Hoffner

Damage is observed to a tree in front of the unused yellow cottage at the Genesee Avenue entrance to the Ames Ave. Walkway. It is surmised that the damage might have occurred during the extensive rain, wind, and lightening storm which flashed brightly and regularly in this area during the 4 am hour earlier today. It appeared to be wind damage as opposed to the remnants of burning often created by a lightning strike.

Photo by J. Hoffner 

Guide wires and other preparations are made for the dropping of this significantly sized limb before the final cut is made.   

Photo by J. Hoffner 

The truck's bucket is in place, as pictured above, and the cut is being power sawed to drop the limb safely to the ground.  

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